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Cost- examples 1 Olifanten

Realm of Giants, elephant exhibit at Amersfoort Zoo, The Netherlands, opened June 2010, construction budget 2.6 million euro.

A new elephant facility was included in the masterplan of Amersfoort Zoo in 1998. Several concepts have worked on the key challenge of finding cost and space effective solutions. The construction of the pavilion is based on a cost-effective concept consisting of three rectangular units. Two concrete units form the sand room and the stalls. A green house is used as indoor visitor area. Instead of an architectural building, prefabricated construction was chosen and money was rather spent on making the hard lines invisible. A tree trunk facade was created along the outside of the building and along the walls of the herd's stable. Behind the tree trunks, planters are situated that are large enough to contain trees. An Asian themed environment forms the interior of the visitor greenhouse.

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